with Ellie

We hire people passionate about making change in the mental health community. We take a creative and collaborative approach to helping make change while putting our team first.


Ellie is a socially responsible for-profit business, which allows us to be flexible and responsive to our community’s needs. Many mental health and wellness-focused companies are non-profits or government agencies, which rely on the general public, grants, or large donors for funding. This model often results in little creativity and lower compensation for employees, promoting a work culture that just makes people feel “blah.”

Feeling blah doesn’t help employees stay motivated, engaged, or even in their jobs for a very long time! So we created a new model: one that puts flexibility, innovative decision-making, creativity, and our people first, while remaining a socially conscious and responsible for-profit business focused on changing how we treat mental health.


Our founders were frustrated that healthcare does not traditionally invest in customer service. At Ellie, we have a unique client–therapist matching system to ensure clients get a therapist who is a good fit, every person who calls our office gets a call back within 24 hours, and we go the extra mile to make sure our clinic spaces are warm and inviting—like visiting a good friend’s house! And that’s just the beginning of how the Ellie Client Experience is the priority and central focus of our business model.


We take care of our people. It’s that simple. From investing in their financial future, to providing wages that shatter the ceiling in our industry to reasonable caseload expectations we ensure that our people are happy. Happy employees do better work and provide better client care!

We also know that when you have a tough job with a high risk of emotional fatigue and burnout, the only antidotes are the opportunity to grow and be creative. Our employees have clear growth paths for advancing their careers. We have created a culture that reminds us that our employees are the leaders.