Andrea Torres Guerra

Andrea Torres Guerra

Medication Management Assistant

Andrea (Andy) is a medication management assistant and Marriage and Family Therapy student. She is passionate about holistic care including the utilization of medication and therapy to improve your quality of life. 

Every person has their own story shaped by culture, language, family, experiences, and more, making you unique. All of these factors make you the expert in your healing and needs. It is important to her that clients are being heard, validated, and respected. She works primarily with Colleen and Dr. Campbell, however, she enjoys working with any client and any medication management provider at Ellie. 

Her specialties include working with children, adolescents, and adults in multiple setting including in-home, treatment centers, private practice, and out-patient. Also working with Spanish-speaking individuals and families.

Bachelors of Psychology
University of Minnesota
she, her, hers
Ellie Mental Health
Mendota Heights, MN

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