Cody Ashburn

Cody Ashburn


Cody received his Masters of Science degree in Rehabilitation and Addictions Counseling from Saint Cloud State University in 2018.  He enjoys working with children, adolescents, and adults.  Cody utilizes a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy/Motivational Interviewing approach to encourage clients to engage in change talk, display empathy, and develop an understanding of how our thoughts influence our behaviors.  Cody also finds it necessary to meet the client where they are at and to work at a pace where the client feels comfortable.

His experience includes facilitating individual, family, and group services to perpetrators of sexual abuse.  Cody has a passion for developing healthy sexual behavior within youth and developing a healthy, safe, and non-judgemental environment to discuss sensitive topics.  He has presented at professional conferences regarding self-care and healthy sexual behavior.

In his free time, Cody loves his Minnesota sports and you could catch him studying statistics regularly.  He loves to spend time with his fiancé and their dog, Denny.

Masters of Science in Rehabilitation and Addiction Counseling
Saint Cloud State University
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