Colleen Zimmer

Colleen Zimmer

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Colleen has an open, friendly approach to mental wellness. Colleen understands each person has a life story to tell and actively listens, working together with the individual on their journey to wellness. Colleen takes a holistic approach; taking into account psychological, physical and social aspects of each individual’s life. Colleen believes every person is unique and therefore, deserves a unique treatment plan that works for their life.

Colleen's past experience working as a psychiatric registered nurse, then moving on to becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist has enhanced her knowledge and privilege of working with various patient populations. Colleen has experience working in several settings including outpatient mental health, inpatient mental health, partial hospitalization and addiction medicine.


Clinical Nurse Specialist-Board Certified

Masters in Nursing
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
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Minneapolis, MN

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