Jessica  Cohen

Jessica Cohen


Jess is a down-to-earth therapist with a playful side. Jess believes throughout life, we have all picked up stories about ourselves that limit our view of our true self. Jess is passionate about helping both big and little humans cope with distressing emotions, develop language to tell & reframe their story, and create helpful ways to navigate their environment.

Jess has experience working with people from all walks of life, including children in foster care, parents struggling with substance use, and families grieving the sudden loss of a loved one.  Jess’s career has been rooted in helping children with various developmental capacities heal from grief, abuse, and neglect. Jess's approach always involves the child’s caregivers and comes from a deep understanding of attachment patterns, social-emotional skills, and the impact of trauma.

Jess’s ideal clients are children ages 6 and older, teens, college students, and young adults facing low self-esteem, grief, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, and difficult life transitions. Jess pulls from CBT, solution-focused, narrative, motivational interviewing and mindfulness approaches. Jess values creativity and uses therapy games, coloring, playing catch, and fidgets to meet a client's uniques needs.

Masters of Social Work
University of Minnesota
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Minneapolis, MN

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