Jessica Maryniuk

Jessica Maryniuk

PsyD, LP

Jessica is a licensed clinical psychologist with a strengths-based approach.  She enjoys celebrating each individual's strengths and accomplishments.  Jessica loves working with teenagers, LGBTQ+ individuals, infidelity, and those with depression.  Her master's program was marriage and family therapy, resulting in Jessica taking a systemic approach in her work.  This means she views people both as individuals, as well as parts of their environments, social groups, society, and the world as a whole.

Jessica tailors her approach to each individual's clients and style, viewing clients as experts of themselves, requiring support and collaboration to reach their goals.  Jessica acts a teammate and cheerleader to her clients, supporting them when they need, and gently pushing them when necessary.

It should be known, Jessica is loud and energetic, focusing on positives and strengths, while also being realistic.  If loud and humorous are not your style, Jessica may not be the best fit for you.

Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology
Forest Institute of Professional Psychology
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Ellie Mental Health
Burnsville, MN

Ridge Point Medical Office
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