Karlie Korish

Karlie Korish


Karlie is a younger therapist - newer to the field - who is passionate about working with teenagers and adults on the many stressors life throws at us. She really enjoys working with clients ranging in ages from 16-65, as well as doing work with couples.

Master's of Social Work with an emphasis in mental health

Clients can expect a strengths-based, person-centered approach when seeing Karlie for therapy. This means she will focus on what someone is doing well, while also identifying tools to assist them in growing in the areas where they feel less confident. Karlie will work to create a strong therapeutic connection to ensure clients are comfortable discussing and working through an extensive range of topics.

Karlie has experience working with clients with symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, those experiencing life changes, relationship stressors, low self-confidence, and disordered eating. She always hopes to customize each session to the client’s individual needs and will meet the client where they are at on any given day.

When Karlie is not at work she likes to be outdoors hiking, kayaking, or hammocking. If you catch her on a work-from-home day, she’ll be quick to introduce her to her two cats, Pistachio (Stache) and Timmy.

Master's of Social Work with an emphasis in Mental Health
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Ellie Mental Health
Woodbury, MN

652 Bielenberg Dr.
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