Kile Minnis

Kile Minnis


Kile is a Mental health practitioner that believes suffering exists when pain becomes unexaminable; when shame creeps in and guilt hides the truth.

Whether in individual therapy or in dyadic/family therapy Kile's goal is to create an environment in which you can be unconditionally witnessed so that you may allow yourself to give compassion to oneself. Kile's interest in existential philosophy, psychedelic medicines, authentic expression of self, the impact of relationships on our mental health and through the power of compassion, he attempts to weave those expressions of life into a way of living. That way, we can all attempt to shed the burden of our past wounds. For he believes that: no one is a burden, no one is a problem, no one is broken, and that no one is unlovable. Everyone deserves compassion and everyone deserves to be heard. 

Kile has experience working with individuals who have experienced Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, and has a passion for couples and family/systems/relational work.

Master's of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy
St. Cloud State University
Ellie Mental Health
St. Paul, MN

1150 Montreal Ave
Suite #107
St. Paul, MN 5516