Sarah Weisman

Sarah Weisman

Community Based Mental Health Practitioner

Sarah understands that therapy can feel intimidating, and so her primary goal is to help her clients feel safe and to support them through the discomfort that is a natural part of the healing process. Sarah takes a gentle and trauma-informed approach to her work as a therapist. She believes that healing is rooted in self-love and compassion, and is passionate about empowering people to grow and expand within their closest relationships.

Sarah works with humans of all ages and backgrounds. She views people through a strengths-based lens by focusing on what's already working in conjunction with identifying the thought and behavioral patterns they wish to change.

Sarah utilizes techniques such as breathwork and mindfulness to assist clients in staying grounded in the present as they gain insight into their past. Whether it's through talking, writing, music, or art-- Sarah encourages people to experiment with different modes of expression to figure out what works best for them.

When she's not at work, Sarah enjoys cooking, singing, dancing, yoga, and being cozy at home with her partner and their fur babies. She loves a good matcha tea latte and is a self-proclaimed herbal alchemist of sorts.

Masters of Art in Couple and Family Therapy
Adler University - Chicago Illinois
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