Scott Kronebusch

Scott Kronebusch

Senior Director of Growth and Development

Scott has a cognitive behavioral focus by theory with a blend of a humanistic approach within his approach. Scott has experience working with a wide range of diagnosis that include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety Disorders, Relationships, Autism Spectrum Disorder, LGBTQ, and gender; as well as many different client populations (age, gender, cultural history, professionals, …).

Scott's experience has been multi-dimensional with clinical work history across a number of psychology disciplines (clinical psychology, sport and exercise psychology, behavioral analysis, home-based emotional health care, research & data analysis, trauma informed care, center based/day treatment therapy, outpatient therapy, community education, public safety, embedded emotional health, and clinical director domains).

Known for his passion for the work and his having a drive to maintain a therapy environment that is personal to each individual, there is high value upon a process that centers around client goals, strengths, and educational.  

Scott is attentive to the mind-body connection and seeks to allow for insights as to how physical health, environmental health, occupational, relationship, chemical, social health choice, and alike impact emotional well-being.  

Driven to provide a quality clinical experience, Scott is committed to client/therapist collaboration and discovery. 

Master's of Arts in Counseling
University of St. Thomas
Ellie Mental Health
Burnsville, MN

Ridge Point Medical Office
14050 S. Nicollet Ave.
Suite 301
Burnsville, MN 55337